“I have been training with Paul for nearly a year now. Before I used to go the gym a lot but never really saw results as I probably wasn’t pushing myself enough or eating right. Now I feel I am fitter and stronger than I have ever been! Every session with Paul is different so I am constantly being challenged and never get bored of doing the same thing. It keeps me on track during my own training as well as Paul can always tell if I have been slacking! The sessions are tough but fun at the same time and they fly by in no time!”
Vicki Linton

“I’ve been a client of Paul’s for several years, when I began I was overweight and extremely unfit, with his help with both exercise and basis nutrition advice I’ve managed to achieve several of my goals. Paul is invested in his clients success and provides commitment both while you are in his gym training and when you need some offline advise. I have recommended Paul to several of my friends who have had various health and fitness goals and he has helped them to achieve their goals.”

“I had a goal to become extremely fit for my chosen career. I could motivate myself to run but had no motivation to weight train or improve my core strength. I made the decision to employ Paul to help me with these specific areas and I have not been disappointed. Paul is a fantastic Personal Trainer who I found to be very committed to every individual training session we had together. Even on the occasions I didn’t feel motivated his professionalism and determination pushed me through. If you are serious about improving your fitness or just want to get a head start on your fitness then I would highly recommend Paul.”
Nicola Dickson

“Everyone is really friendly, encouraging and it’s fun. You are made to feel welcome by all that attend and pushed physically to challenge yourself. No week is the same and being outdoors is a bonus.”

“Never thought I’d enjoy an early Saturday morning Bootcamp…but it’s great and a fantastic, fun way to work out…Paul motivates you to want to keep going…highly recommend these sessions.”

“I can recommend boot camp brilliant class Paul’s a great trainer. The class is always different and a full body work out.”

“Fantastic PT. Keeps you motivated and helps not just with the fitness aspect of your training but also the nutritional side too. 5 Highly recommended!”

“5 STARS Excellent PT. Works you hard especially when you need it. Great facilities too. I like to call Paul the smiling assassin!”

“Great trainer who always knows how to make the toughest of exercises that little bit more hard! Lots of knowledge and experience go into making varied workouts suited to your level and goals. Paul has helped my confidence to do more in the gym and start using weights!”


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