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It’s a hub for outdoor fitness lovers.

Professionally run bootcamp designed for full-body fat annihilation, featuring strength, cardio increasing, fun team-building exercises to tone and sculpt your physique. Perfect for those who want to achieve their fitness goals away from a busy gym or studio. Our group exercise is fun, social and very rewarding.

We encourage each other in all areas of life, we love going for coffee together, bootcamp is a place to make friends.

It’s fun because we keep our classes fast paced with challenging activities and games. Outdoor team based exercising has shown to reduce stress and increase positive feelings.

Burn up to 500 calories in one bootcamp session. Build strength and burn fat while you train with us. Get in the best shape ever, become healthier and feel AWESOME!


Paul Wallace Fitness : Bootcamp Fitness is a structured 60 minute outdoor fitness class based on basic military physical training for people who want to build and maintain their fitness.


On any normal day, we’ll be at the meeting point for the class about 15 minutes ahead of time. When you get there.

If it’s your first class, you will be assessed regardless of your fitness. If you prove to be superhuman, we’ll promote you during the class.

Food For Thought

One thing you should note is that for regular exercise to be effective, you need to exercise regularly. You should not expect to come down once a fortnight and find radical change after three months. You won’t.

There are plenty of gyms and classes that will take your cash, but don’t want your commitment. We want to see your cash. We want to see your commitment. We, above all, want to see you get fit.

If you want to get really fit, you’ll need to come down regularly and get stuck into the exercise. Thankfully you’ll find that fairly easy to do because the people at Boot Camp are really welcoming and friendly, so yes, you may struggle, but no, you won’t be going through it on your own.

If this is something you’d like to do, why not register for a free class and see what it’s all about.

What should I bring?


Comfortable loose clothing

Water/sports drink

The warm up

The class starts with a warm up which typically lasts ten to fifteen minutes.
This is the part where you need to get your breathing moving and get your limbs shaken out ready for the main part of the class.
The warm up is a combination of easy jogging, simple movement exercises and stretches. Everyone warms up together, regardless of bib colour.

The session proper

Once the warm up is finished, we rapidly move into the main section of the class.

There is typically a ratio of no more than 20:1 of participants to instructors.

The class varies every time, but a typical class might involve say starting off with an easy quarter to half-mile run to a set of park benches.

The class is then split into pairs and you, say, perform dips on park benches while a partner sprints out and back 50 metres. Once back in, you swap and sprint. Once one rep has been done, your pair switch to press ups and sprints, then say sit ups and sprints and so on

Once that set has been finished, the class moves on to another location to do new exercises and so on for about 35 minutes in total. This is just an example, but every class is different.

Don’t forget, you do get a chance to pause for breath, so don’t worry too much about collapsing – you won’t. The class will be demanding no matter what your level, otherwise, what’s the point in going to a fitness class?

The warm down

The warm down consists of a gentle jog with exercises and stretches thereafter followed by coffee or a drinks, location depending.

This is the right time to chat away and stretch out your body after a tough work out. Stretches are the tip to toe way to avoid muscular pain the following day.

Typically on Saturdays, we all go have lunch in Glasgow green either on the grass if it’s Summer or in the cafe in the Winter.


Paul Wallace Fitness Bootcamp is a structured 60 minute outdoor fitness class based on physical military training. We start at 10am in Glasgow Green, near People’s Palace. All fitness levels are welcome.

Disclaimer: Please arrive 10 minutes before session begins in full workout gear. Please be aware that you will be out in all weather conditions and you can and probably will get wet and muddy. If you are delayed please contact coach at your earliest convenience. Late comers will be left behind and miss out on the session.

Maria McGarvey
Maria McGarvey
Paul is very motivational and supportive, he is always happy to assist with any questions you have regarding training / nutrition and has a friendly manner.
Donald Mitchell
Donald Mitchell
Great PT with an excellent private gym. Will tailor a plan bespoke to your goals, while teaching you a wide range of strength-based exercise to achieve them.
Oliver Scott
Oliver Scott
Paul is an outstanding personal trainer. He is very focussed and dedicated to ensure his client achieve the results they want. Highly professional, expert knowledge and very personable. It is an amazing experience training with Paul he is a fantastic motivator and takes the time to get know his clients so is able to tailor a programme and or session exactly to their requirements. I cannot recommend highly enough as Personal Trainer. Very lucky he is my Personal Trainer.
Sean Folan
Sean Folan
Paul is a great PT. I feel much more confident in the gym now following our sessions and I also feel like I have a lot more knowledge on things like form and nutrition etc now than I did previously. He makes the effort to really understand your goals and help you achieve them. Would definitely recommend!
Laura Simpson
Laura Simpson
Have known Paul for many years and have enjoyed taking part in his Bootcamps and FT Fit classes. Paul pushes you hard to get the best from you and the workout... which i appreciate. His cheeky sense of humour brings (i suppose) an added bonus to his classes as it does take your mind off what you're supposed to be doing... even though he forgets the time for each station during FT Fit (Haha) Top notch guy and first class trainer. Highly recommend.
Janice Campbell
Janice Campbell
Paul's one to one PT is excellent. He is extremely patient and ensures that each workout is different and well suited to your ability and goals. He uses humour and has a friendly demeanour which puts you at ease, thus allowing you to relax and focus.
Oliver M
Oliver M
Paul’s bootcamp is challenging and rewarding . Manages to keep a good energy amongst people whilst also pushing you to do your best . 100% would recommend for anybody who likes working out outdoors. Circuit trainings are all very well organised .
Scott Cochrane
Scott Cochrane
Paul runs a excellent outdoor bootcamp for all abilities of fitness. Even my wife who is not fitness orientated enjoys it. It can be hard as you want to make but Paul makes it very enjoyable and joins in with the banter - sometimes at his own expense. Give it a try, you may find you will enjoy it!!!!


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