Paul Wallace Fitness personal training studio is an exclusive space to work on your goals in privacy without the crowds and feeling intimidated. With two areas dedicated to private and small group personal training, you will experience personal training exactly how it should be – personal!

Set in a charming Victorian town house in Glasgow’s east end just 1 mile from Glasgow’s city centre the studio provides a perfect location to those in Glasgow and surrounding areas. I have one goal for the studio – to be the go-to place in Glasgow when you want to achieve a health and wellbeing goal – as such I have developed some different programmes and packages to suit a variety of needs and budgets to ensure everyone, including you, can achieve your goal.

From the very moment you enter the studio, you are made to feel welcome. I pride myself on offering a non-intimidating environment welcoming of newcomers whether you are training for an Ironman triathlon or a complete beginner who has lost confidence. My studio is based on a set of values that run alongside everything we do.



To be fitter in body and spirit.


To be stronger in body and mind.


To be healthier in body and life.


To be happier in body and soul.


We support everyone to gain control of their health and wellbeing now, and for the rest of their life. We help people achieve fitness challenges they never thought they would achieve, whether this is weight loss or climbing a mountain. We believe everyone can be whatever they want to be.


We provide honest and integral advice, support and instruction. No gimmicks, no nonsense, no fads. Straight talking, upfront support and hard work to help you navigate your way through the billion pound weight loss and supplement market to get results that you can sustain.


We use experts in their field to develop and deliver our programmes, so you get the finest advice and most up to date information on how to get fit, stay fitter and achieve more. with a desire to continually improve and constantly update.


Your goal is our goal. We take a personal approach to supporting and developing all individuals who join us. Not everyone is built the same or thinks the same. Challenges are individual and so is the support and advice you get from us.


What does a personal trainer do?

A personal trainer (PT) is a certified individual who has knowledge, skills and abilities to design safe and effective exercise programmes and deliver one-to-one training.

PTs have varying degrees of knowledge but must pass a level 3 certificate in personal training.

PTs help their clients to achieve their health and fitness goals, such as weight loss, fat loss and improved sports performance.

How much does a personal trainer cost

The cost of a personal training session varies. As a benchmark, a session costs between £30-£65 and is 45 minutes to one hour long.

Do I need a personal trainer?

How long you need a PT will depend on your goal. If you’re new to the gym or want to learn specific equipment, you’ll need less time than if you’re training to boost performance or preparing for a competition, race etc.

What are the benefits of a personal trainer?

There are several benefits of personal training. These include:

Teaching you the correct form: A personal trainer will guide you on how to perform exercises correctly and safely. If you’re new to the gym or new to lifting weights, getting the technique right is vital.

Hold an objective eye: When working out alone, you can’t always tell if you need to adjust your posture, position, or range of movement. Personal trainers monitor your form during your training and correct you if necessary.

Knowledge and experience: PTs must stay up to date with industry trends and training methods, which will save you time from doing all the research yourself.

Push your limits: Personal trainers are passionate and supportive, but they’ll also challenge and motivate you to push yourself further.

Hold you accountable: Sometimes, the toughest battle is getting to the gym. A personal trainer will hold you accountable; it’s not so easy to cancel the gym if you have a personal training session.

Design a training programme: Personal trainers will create a tailored training programme to suit your needs, abilities and goals. For example, if your goal is to lose weight, your programme will include specific weight-loss exercises. Your personal trainer will monitor and adapt your plan based on your progress.

How often should I see a personal trainer?

How many personal training sessions you have depends on your fitness goal, your budget and the PT’s schedule. The average schedule is 1-2 sessions per week; each session lasts one-hour.

How long is a personal training session?

A personal training session is typically an hour-long.

How do I prepare for my first personal training session?

Your PT will ask you to perform some exercises and body measurements to evaluate and record your fitness level. Don’t be worried about how well you do in these; do your best. It’s about understanding your baseline, and a way to keep track of your progress.

Just as you would do training alone in the gym, wear breathable sportswear and trainers. Bring a towel and a bottle of water with you, along with anything else your PT suggests.

Is it worth getting a personal trainer?

Yes, especially if you’re new to the gym, have a specific training goal or want to improve quickly. PTs keep you accountable to your fitness goals and motivate you to push yourself further.

Can personal trainers write meal plans?

It’s uncommon for PTs to offer nutrition advice. However, some PTs might suggest small lifestyle and diet changes. PTs are not nutritionists, and it’s always a good idea to seek professional advice.

1 hour sessions

1 hour more in-depth workout. Working specific areas and key issues in training such as the diet with nutritional guidance specific to your needs. Also given tailored programmes for self-sessions. This session allows more time for warm up and cool down and also gives time for learning and developing new skills and technique.


Competition or Fun? Why not half the price and get in shape together, nothing motivates more than training with someone looking to achieve the same goals!

90 dAY ONLINE coaching

Following your free consultation, I will develop a personalised program based on your goals. Whether you are new to the gym or have been going for a while, a targeted approach is just what you need to get focused and get results.


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